Alford & Associates In the Community: Terrebonne appoints youngest parish board member

Alford & Associates In the Community: Terrebonne appoints youngest parish board member

By Sean Ellis / Staff Writer, Houma Courier


The Terrebonne Parish Council has appointed the parish’s youngest-ever member of a parish board.

Joshua Alford, 23, is now the newest member of the Houma-Terrebonne Airport Commission after his appointment was confirmed Thursday night.
“I’m young and I have a lot to learn but I’m going to give it everything I have,” Alford, the son of the Terrebonne Parish Levee and Conservation District board president Tony Alford, said, “I know a lot of people my age who are interested. I’ve thankfully been given the push and I’m excited to take on the responsibility.”

Alford has already begun thinking of ways to take the area’s airport forward.

“I know, just from talking to some of the (other) members already that they have some companies that are looking at the airport for some new possibilities,” he said, “I know with all the new technology with drones. That’s also a huge possibility.”

Many of the council members said they are hoping that Alford’s appointment will spur more young people to apply to vacancies that come open in the future.

“I hope that you will encourage other people that it’s not anything to be afraid of to want to give service back to this town. This is where you were born and this is what we’re all hoping for that you and others your age will come back and make an impact on this parish,” Councilwoman Arlanda Williams said.

Parish President Gordy Dove said Alford is a perfect fit for the position because of his ongoing training to become a pilot.

“I’m proud to see you stepping up to the plate,” he said. “It’s so good that you’re giving as you see the airport expand you’ll be a part of it.”


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